Hot water tube boilers ENTOPRIE ТТ300 are produced serially in the range of nominal heat output from 20 to 60 MW with working pressure of water up to 16 bar (16 kgf / cm2 g) and the maximum water temperature at the outlet from the boiler is 160 °C.
  • < 60 000 kW
  • 16 bar
  • 160 °C
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ТТ300 (16 bar 160 °C)
The boilers are designed for use as a part of heating, ventilation, and hot-water supply systems of industrial and household purpose, as well as for providing engineering processes of various purposes. Hot water ENTROPIE boiler TT300 is a combined gas-tight water/fire-tube structure which is operated with excess pressure of combustion products and forced coolant circulation. The boiler is designed and produced in a modular design configuration. The boiler structure provides complete evacuation of water and sludge, air bleeding from all elements where air locks may form while filling and starting. The boilers are equipped with maintenance and inspection holes, designed for carrying out inspection, cleaning, safe corrosion protection works, installation and removal of dismountable internal devices, repair and monitoring of boilers. The vertical firebox of the boiler consists of gastight membrane tube panels. The combustion products are transferred from the firebox into the fire-tube convection section with a large water volume, which is also filled vertically. The coolant is supplied to the lower area of the convection section, passes the convection and transition sections, arrives to the gas-tight panels of the firebox, flows along water-tube gas-tight panels of the firebox from the lower to upper outlet collector. In this way, effective counter-flow circulation is provided in all parts of the boiler. The firebox and the convection section are supplied in prefabricated transport units which are connected to each other at the installation site.