ENTROPIE boiler TT150 is a three-pass gas-fired hot water boiler with a heat output of up to 20 MW. ENTROPIE boiler ТТ150 is designed to supply heat to buildings and structures and provide engineering processes of various purposes. Field of application: Stationary boiler houses used in closed and open heat supply systems.
  • < 20 000 kW
  • 10 bar
  • 150 °C
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ТТ150 (10 bar 150 °C)
The combustion chamber — fire tube — and the boiler body have a cylindrical shape. The convective heating surfaces are formed by second and third pass flue tubes and. The multi-row layout of the second and third pass flue tubes ensures a high heat exchange rate. 
The fully water-washable first reversal chamber consists of a shell and two flat flanged bottoms. The second reversal chamber is comprised of the front bottom of the boiler, the chamber frame and the front doors of the boiler. 
The front doors of the boiler provide easy access to the flue tubes during maintenance and cleaning of the boiler. The combustion chamber and the first reversal chamber are inspected and cleaned through the manhole in the lower part of the boiler rear bottom; there is also a sight hole for visual control of the flame. 
The fire tubes are inspected from the water side through the inspection hole in the upper part of the boiler body. Inspection holes in the lower part of the body provide visual control across the entire length. 
A water guiding element , which provides the most efficient distribution of coolant within the boiler, is installed under the water inlet nozzle. The wide space between tubes and the large volume of water in the boiler ensure the optimal operation mode within the entire heat output range of the boiler. 
The drainage pipeline in the lower part of the boiler allows to completely remove the coolant, if necessary. Drain fittings for condensate removal are provided in the lower part of the flue box. 
The burner will be installed on a mounting plate in the front part of the boiler. Visual control of the flame in the combustion chamber is carried out through the sight hole located on the rear face of the boiler. 
The high-performance continuous thermal insulation of the boiler consists of 120 mm thick laminated mineral wool mats. The boiler surface is clad with embossed aluminum , which preserves its appearance throughout the service life.