ENTROPIE boilers TT50 are two-pass hot water gas-fired boilers with a capacity ranging from 210 to 2000 kW. Fuel type: gas, light liquid fuel. TT50 boilers  are designed for heating buildings and facilities, and providing engineering processes for various purposes.
The boilers can be transported by railway, road and water transport in accordance with the goods transportation regulations applicable for each kind of transportation.
Boilers are delivered as a single transportable preassembled unit.

  • < 2 000 kW
  • 6 bar
  • 110 °C
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Boilers series ENTROPIE TT50 - two-tube water-heating gas-tube boilers with a capacity from 0.21 to 2.0 MW.

There are several options for delivery of the boiler depending on the equipment: complete equipment, partial and without equipment.

The full delivery set includes a boiler with installed equipment, a burner device, a set of parts and assemblies in accordance with the information specified in the questionnaire.
Boilers are equipped at the factory with a control unit, necessary safety devices (for regulating the regimes, controlling parameters, switching off the boiler, reliable operation and safe maintenance), valves, pumps, drives in the harness and burner. Thanks to the factory setting, the optimum and reliable operation of all boilers is guaranteed.

At the request of the customer, the boiler can be supplied with partial equipment (boiler equipped with a burner and relief valves, as well as operational documentation) or without equipment (boiler with operating documentation).