ENTROPIE boilers TT100 are three-way hot water gas-fired boilers with capacity ranging from 1 000 to 20 000 kW.
Fuel type: gas, liquid fuel. The capacity is specified for use with gaseous and light liquid fuel. In using special non-standard types of gaseous, light liquid as well as heavy liquid fuel, it is necessary to ask the manufacturer of the boiler about its capacity
  • < 20 000 kW
  • 6 bar
  • 110 °C
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ENTROPIE boiler TT100 are designed to provide engineering processes for various purposes. The boilers can be transported by railway, road and water transport in accordance with the goods transportation regulations applicable for each kind of transportation. Boilers are delivered as a single transportable pre-assembled unit.

Liquid and gaseous hydrocarbon fuels are used for boiler operation.
High durability in combination with a large volume of boiler water and well-designed fastening of the flame tube guarantees their durability. The low thermal stress of the furnace, the small hydraulic resistance of the boiler and the high efficiency guarantee high operating efficiency of the ENTROPIE boilers.
Gas boilers ENTROPIE TT 100 are designed as a three-pass gas-tube type boiler.

The front cover of the boiler can be fully opened with the burner installed in either direction. With the front door open, it is easy to access the combustion chamber and smoke pipes for maintenance and cleaning of the boiler. To inspect the smoke tubes from the coolant side, a manhole is provided in the upper part of the boiler body. Wide intertube space and a large volume of water in the boiler provide the most optimal operating mode of the boiler in the entire range of heat output. To install the burner on the front door there is a burner plate.